Hotel & Yacht Owners

Our site is an excellent resource for hotel and super yacht owners seeking luxury eco-friendly products to spoil their guests. We have a wide range of bamboo products made from the highest quality bamboo yarns to provide a magnificent experience to the consumer.

All our products are available in vast quantities, and we can offer a generous discount to hotel and yacht owners. For yacht owners who have unique bed sizes, don't worry. Our trusted contact can tailor our bedding to meet your particular needs.

Several hotels and yacht owners have received our products, and the response has been excellent. We are proud to be an eco-friendly hotel supplier. For more information, give us a call today on 01892 280347.

Our own experience with hotels:

Here at Paragon, we love our bamboo bedding so much that when a team member goes away, they always take their own bamboo bedding set. Which we know sounds crazy, but when you have experienced the smooth and silky experience of bamboo bedding, you can't live without it.

Even at 5-star+ hotels, the bedding is still rough and scratchy to touch, but this should not be the norm when staying somewhere luxurious. The popularity of bamboo bedding will continue to increase, so make the change now and give your guests a memorable night's sleep.