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    We have two types of bamboo pillows, which offer different attributes but both grant a magical nights sleep. Our memory foam pillow cradles the head and neck during sleep, feeling firm but providing a lot of support. Also, it has cooling gel pad to keep your head cool on those warm nights.


    Our 100% bamboo pillow is soft and fluffy. This pillow is filled entirely with 100% bamboo material, which makes it soft while still being supportive and fluffy. As a result of the bamboo filling you receive all the natural health benefits of 100% bamboo products. You will feel like you are sleeping on a cloud with the bamboo filling and the bamboo outer cover, which provides a smooth finish and incredibly soft feel.

    2 products
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    What is a Bamboo Pillow and How Does It Compare to Traditional Pillows?

    What is a bamboo pillow?

    A bamboo pillow is a pillow made using some bamboo material, if that be the cover, filling or the entire pillow. 

    What are the benefits of using a bamboo pillow?

    There are many benefits for using a bamboo pillow. Bamboo is naturally antibacterial, antimicrobial and hypoallergenic. This means bamboo is great for people who suffer from sensitive skin and eczema. Also bamboo is perfect for people who overheat or suffer from night sweats. Bamboo is naturally breathable and temperature regulating due to its natural micro gaps. These micro gaps hold cool air close to your skin, making a cool layer that is perfect for those summer nights. During the winter, however, it is densely insulated.

    How does a bamboo pillow compare to traditional pillows?

    Sleeping with a bamboo pillow complete with a set of bamboo pillowcases is a sensational experience. Bamboo material has luxurious silky soft feel, without the harmful process of silk farming. You can enjoy all the natural benefits of a silk like material whilst knowing it is sustainable and environmentally sourced. 

    Can bamboo pillows cause acne?

    No, it will help reduce your symptoms, bamboo naturally absorbs and wicks away moisture, like sweat or wet hair. However, it does not absorb and wick away your natural oils from your skin or hair, so it will not dry your skin out. Also, being naturally antibacterial this helps keep away bacteria from your face. 

    How long should you keep a bamboo pillow?

    If cared for properly their is no issue with keeping your pillow for many years. Our memory foam pillows come a with a 100% bamboo outer cover with a zipper which can be removed and washed, it also has a bamboo mesh fabric around the pillow which is not removable. Our, 100% bamboo pillow should not be machine washed as this can make the fibre bunch up, spot cleaning is advised for this. 

    Understanding Pillow Fill Materials: Memory Foam vs. Bamboo Fibre

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    Choosing the Right Bamboo Pillow: Factors to Consider

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    Why Choose Bamboo Pillows for a Good Night's Sleep?

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    Care for pillows

    • Plump the pillow regularly
    • Spot clean if needed and leave to air dry before using
    • Do NOT machine wash

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